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Amazing love and support has came in throughout the entire Bay Area and your $2,000 has been matched! Each and every bit helps this family toward a better future and we can't thank everyone enough who has been helping.

A San Jose native, father, and friend has been diagnosed with Stage 4 malignant cancer and The Purple Lotus wants to help by matching EVERY donation for the next $2,000!

Now is the time to rally for a good cause and show your local support. Please visit to donate or share this post to spread the word and help Greg and his family Live & Love!

Excerpt from Greg’s wife Natalie:

My loving husband whom I’ve known for 25 years was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in 2012. It started with an irregular shaped mole on his foot which was biopsied a couple of times throughout the year. In 2013 the mole had grown and he was advised by his Oncologist to have Moh’s surgical procedure. They removed a large amount of tissue that had to be replaced by graph donation. 12 weeks post-op he was able to return to work.


After a follow up PET scan in 2013, it showed no signs of metastasis (spreading). He was then advised to start chemotherapy but declined after thorough researched proved the high death rates associated with this particular kind of treatment and no guarantee to prolong his life or kill the cancer, only possibly keep it “at bay”.


At this point Greg made a complete diet and lifestyle change and began researching alternative and natural treatments that would give him a better quality of life for whatever time he had left. The next 2 years he was living symptom free. In 2015 the tumors on his foot had returned.

Another follow up PET scan was done in April 2016 revealing Stage 4 metastatic lesions to multiple areas of his body. He is now seeking aggressive treatment outside the U.S.


We have exhausted all of our financial options. After many tears and pleading conversation, Greg has built up the courage to allow us to seek outside help. The treatment consists of a 28 day in-patient stay. It includes injections of a medication that is proven to kill Melanoma and has a high success and survival rate.

We are hoping to raise enough money by the date of June 7th. Your donations to Greg’s 28 days of extensive treatment would help us provide the care he needs to beat this deadly disease while living a good quality of life. On behalf of me, his 4 children and all of our family members, we whole heartedly appreciate any blessing you can give.


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