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Why Purple Lotus?

At Purple Lotus, you receive a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only do we represent the industry's largest market and favorite dispensary, but as an employee you have the ability to mold your own future. Imagine going to work knowing every decision will have an immediate impact on how an entire industry establishes itself. Imagine a life where health, wellness and overall happiness is an every day achievement for not only yourself, but the entire world. That's the life all members of the Purple Lotus get to experience day in and day out.
Not sure about the future of the Cannabis Industry? A recent survey conducted by Gallup reported that 44% of Americans have tried Cannabis, up from 4% in 1969 and these numbers are expected to continue to grow with the trending legalization throughout the nation (Gallup, 2016). Combine this number with the already staggering amount of revenue being generated and an estimated total revenue of nearly $7 billion in 2016 and it becomes easy to see the bright future ahead of this industry and its employees.
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